General Business Terms (GBT)

These current general business terms are part of the contract that are given to us from the organizer who has given assignment for seminars events to the Parimal Gut Hübenthal eG in the following referred to as “Seminarhouse”. Contrary conditions are not valid. The organizer/guest submits to these conditions as well as to all relevant commercial regulations and assumes liability for their compliance by accepting the contract.

1. Legal force

To ensure this online offer for business and in general, the offered goods and services from Parimal Gut Hübenthal, we have to meet the legal requirements of several clauses (Conditions of use - AGBGBT).

These clauses and the complete termination of legal relationships between you and Seminarhouse are exclusively subject to regulations of German law. If single regulations are invalid or will be, the legal force of all other regulations stays unaffected. In place of the invalid regulation use a valid regulation that comes closest to the meaning of the invalid regulation as far as it is possible.

Seminarhouse reserves the right to change these regulations at all times. A particularly indication of a change does not take place. The regulations are to be proved of changes independently and periodically.

2. Prices

All offered prices include all taxes and dues. They are valid until revocation. If the legal tax changes after the conclusion of a contract the prices are changed accordingly. The current prices are valid published under Preise, Storno, Buchung and published in our office.

Bookings made for the year 2019 are subject to a possible price adjustment by the Seminarhouse.

3. Special prices

Arriving one day earlier than the seminar begins is only possible in justified exceptional cases (for example, traveling from abroad).

The departure one day after the end of the seminar is possible also only in exceptional cases. Otherwise the room is to be vacated before lunch, in special situations by even at 10:00 am.

If the rooms are not cleared at that time and the keys are not turned to reception, reception can assess an extra charge.

4. Payment/Refund/Cancellation policy

Please indicate name, seminar and accommodation date on the transfer form. In case of cancellation of a booked room we charge 15 Euro processing fee. In case of cancellation less than 14 days before the beginning of the seminar, 30% will be charged, 50% of the total price (accommodation and meals) for cancellations less than 3 days before the start of the seminar. In case of non-arrival, we charge 100% of the cost. In case of short-term bookings (10 days before) please pay in cash or with EC. These amounts include statutory VAT. Please transfer to the following account:

Parimal Gut Hübenthal e.G.
Sparkasse Werra Meißner
IBAN: DE42 5225 0030 0050 0323 90

5. Stay

We are a vegetarian, alcohol free and smoke free house. The cooking and the consumption of meat, fish and tobacco is not allowed inside our buildings. Smoking is permitted only in the designated area of the Café Hofgarten or outside our property. We are not a hotel of any kind, but a spiritual community of life with attached Seminarhouse and offer our guest groups the opportunity to participate in our daily meditations for a fee.

6. Food and drinks brought by the organizer/guest

Bringing food and drinks to the event requires express permission from the Seminarhouse.

A flat rate can be charged for this from the Seminarhouse.

7. Pets

Any kind of pets are not allowed with us, since we are an allergy friendly house.

8. Music

If the organizer is planning musical performances, he should give the details to the Seminarhouse in advance. There may be necessary payments of GEMA-fees and amusement tax, so this has to be prepared for by the organizer. The organizer is obligated to give the confirmed forms to us at the latest one week before the seminar starts.

Musical programs have to stop by 23:00 to keep our night-time silence for our guests.

9. Copyrights, Right in your own image

During all seminars, photos, slides, videos, sound recordings or comparable media can be produced both from the Seminarhouse as well as from its associates. The organizer/guest implicitly submits the approval to the Seminarhouse for the commercial use of these media on the Internet, in catalogs and all other public media.

The organizer / guest has the right to request the removal of photos on which he is depicted from the above media, if his personality right is violated excessively. This request is to be brought to the attention of the Seminarhouse. The involvement of legal authorities is only permitted if the Seminarhouse resists timely removal.

The organizer / guest grants an unlimited right of use to the Seminarhouse as well as an unlimited right for the further processing of all leftover photos, slides, videos or comparable mediums, as far as the use meets the provisions of German laws and generally valid, contemporary morality.

10. Decorations

The organizer/guests are obligated to inform the Seminarhouse of the intended use of decorations, and to receive approval for that from the Seminarhouse. The installation has to be done by expert staff and all fire regulations given by the police should be respected.

The seminar rooms may not be damaged. Any damages incurred by installation or removal of decorations will be charged to the organizer/guest.

After the seminar ends all items are to be removed immediately. If the organizer/guest refrains from doing so, the Seminarhouse may remove and store these things at the organizer’s expense.

11. Lost and found items

Lost and found items will only be forwarded by request. They will be stored for 6 weeks. After expiration of this time the found items, that have an apparent value, become property of the Seminarhouse. Messages, letters and packages for guests are treated with maximum care. Storage and forwarding will be done only with reimbursement of expenses and at the expressed request of the customer. Liability for loss, delay and damage is not responsibility of Seminarhouse.

12. Liability

The organizer/guest is liable for all damages, made by his guests, staff or authorized persons. If circumstances requires, the Seminarhouse will demand from the organizer/guest to set up a suitable insurance.

Brought sale items and other items, also personal items, are left in the seminar rooms and Seminarhouse at the organizer’s own risk. The Seminarhouse will not assume liability for loss, decay and damage of any items, also not for asset damage, only in the case of an act of gross negligence or purpose of the Seminarhouse. Excluded from this are damages out of injury of life, of body or health. The liability of the Seminarhouse is excluded, if carried items are left in unsealed rooms.

It is the responsibility of the organizer/guest to ensure carried items are properly stored.

13. Cancellation by the Seminarhouse

The Seminarhouse is justified to end any contractual relationship at any time and without giving any reason, if

  • The organizer/guest becomes a threat to business operations
  • The reputation as well as the security of the house is endangered
  • Agreed down payment has not reached the Seminarhouse in time
  • Circumstances beyond our control.

The organizer/guest is in such case not eligible to assert or demand payment of damages.

14. Freifunk Network (WiFi)

For our guests we have a free WiFi of the Freifunk Göttingen in operation. There is no legal claim on the operation and use of the WiFi service offered by the Seminarhouse.

15. Online offer

The provisions on disclaimer / limitation, external links, copyright, trademark protection and trademark law are shown under Haftungsausschluss and expressly part of these terms and conditions.

The data protection declaration is shown under Datenschutzerklärung and is an express part of these terms and conditions.