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Anubuddha & Anasha

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Parimal Gut Hübenthal, 37218 Witzenhausen


One week of Arun Conscious Touch is a precious opportunity to touch and be touched in the space of non-judgemental, loving atmosphere that Anubuddha and Anasha are creating in the mindful way they share touch as interactive meditation. Anubuddha is one of the founders of Rebalancing. He has been teaching Craniosacral and Yoga and been the director of healing arts in Pune. Osho has received some 150 sessions from him.

Anashas specialities are Breath of Meditation and nutricion. They both founded Arun Conscious Touch some 40 years ago and are sharing their wisdom and love for the human body with great generousity.

Arun Conscious Touch is not a technique although it encompasses many techniques, like Rebalancing, Cranio Sacral, Breath Awareness, Feldenkrais, Thai Massage etc.

Arun is deeply rooted in the vision of Osho for a new education: “3M” mathematics (scientific approach), music (the body as an instrument) and meditation (awareness).


Anubuddha & Anasha


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