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Parimal Gut Hübenthal, 37218 Witzenhausen


Dear Friends,

Our Intensive will take a Holiday this Summer.

Prabhuta's leaving her body has left a big a gap …
and in one way or another, right now everyone involved, is in a phase of new orientation, discoveries and developments.

Naturally this needs time and space to prepare. A new team is forming. We go for a new Intensive next year! … starting correctly with the right Eye.

After a deep and heartfelt Let Go, it feels right, fitting and needed, to have a gap and a discontinuity of the Intensive in Parimal,
… especially as it opens a most precious & challenging opportunity.

My Invitation this Year is for a:

"Tibetan Pulsing Holidays"

It will be a Co-Creation with our Trainees and a light version of the Intensive for you to

  • get a glimpse of the Intensive
  • become enthusiastic for starting THE Training next summer
  • experience Parimal Life
  • just have a meditative, healing Holiday.

We will have an early morning meditation, breakfast and a bodywork exchange of the organ in tune with the energy of Mother Earth.

In the afternoon, we explore Eye readings, having time for sharing, giving feed back to the trainees and may be some theatre clips of the organ / energy of the day …

Additionally for afternoon and evening there are fun projects on the menu, like:

  • a bath in sun and pond
  • a photo excursion to Tibet
  • some movies reflecting the energy of the Organ
  • Parimal Commune Life: Mantra Singing, Music group … and much more.

Come, come from the beginning, for a week or a time being - just feel very welcome.

The Fee will be on Donation

I am also very happy to announce, that Parimal offers 10,- € / day reduction on the Fee for A/F for the ones staying the whole time.

I am happy to hear from you and looking forward to spent a beautiful time with you being in the Pulse beat

With loving hugs from here now
Kai Anand


Kai Krasemann (Anand)
Kai Krasemann (Anand)
Das Team
Das Team


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