TP Group Leader Training


Kai Krasemann (Anand) & Elena Roncoroni

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Parimal Gut Hübenthal, 37218 Witzenhausen


All work is group work … is group play

This Group leader Training is a synthesis of practically transmitting “Know How” to clear up, incorporate and deal with practical challenges leading a group, like:

  • How to choose music
  • What it means “holding the space”
  • Practicals and challenges handling the mike
  • Art of Communication
  • How to support participants in their processing
  • How to bring participants out of their processing (emergency)

and an experiential, creative approach to intensify our team work using interactive action methods like i.e. playback theatre

  • To heighten the awareness of tuning into the energy field of the group
  • To enhance the capacity to tune into an individual and into one another
  • To explore and deepen the connection with one’s own voice
  • To support the group work, the group play inside the “dance of the team”
  • To refine the ability to lead and follow for the benefit of Co-Creation

… for the team to function as ONE …


Elena Roncoroni & Kai Krasemann (Anand)
Elena Roncoroni & Kai Krasemann (Anand)


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